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Quietly, excitedly, kakking ourselves

Picture-of-you-03 Phew.  It’s true – less than three weeks to go before Pictures of You opens at the Baxter and we are bundles of nerves.  At once hectically excited and pants-wettingly nervy.  Which is kinda normal, I guess.

But there is a slight pressure to do better at the Baxter than GUMBO did last year – we gotta surely keep growing.  It’s also the beginning of the year, and a good season will set us up very well.  And, of course, let’s not forget the whole prove that this kinda theatre can work.  And by that, I mean non-verbal, visual, slightly alternative, somewhat surreal, and fiercely independent in a mainstream venue.

Whatever happens, it’s a glorious adventure and we hope people come along for the ride.

But man, those butterflies!